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Ron Abta



Ron Abta consistently ranks in the top 20 agents in San Francisco in terms of sales volume and is in the top 1% of agents in San Francisco each and every year. He has completed in excess of $1B in transactions, representing over 400 completed deals for both buyers and sellers. He brings exceptional sales, marketing, and negotiation skills to each transaction and always puts his clients first. Ron comes from a real estate family, his mother working as a developer and his father working as a mortgage broker. Whether it be banging nails on construction sites during the summers in high school or helping his mother manage her investment properties, Ron has been involved in real estate almost his entire life. Ron is constantly upgrading or remodeling residences, either on behalf of clients pre- and post- sale as part of his brokerage activities or on his own behalf, forming partnerships to acquire, reposition and sell properties in San Francisco.

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