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The last few years have prompted one of the biggest renovation booms to date. Being forced to stay at home afforded homeowners to realize how important staying up-to-date with renovations.

Bathrooms and kitchens ranked highest on the renovation to-do list. Spending considerable amounts of time at home—including working from home—has made improving the home that much more appealing. Kitchens account for 29% of home renovations since the beginning of the pandemic.

Here is how to make a dramatic bold kitchen in your home that truly makes a statement:

Add an Island

A bold kitchen must feature a kitchen island. Kitchen islands rose to fame in the last several years. Shows on HGTV brought kitchen islands to life as they showcased them in nearly every kitchen.

If your kitchen falls on a neutral palette, put a bold, different color kitchen island to add to its appeal. Be sure whatever color you choose adds vibrancy and visual interest as it is the focal point, front and center in your kitchen.

Add a Rug

You may be wondering if you read that correctly. YES…add a rug! Placing a kitchen rug in front of your counters provides the following:

  • Visual appeal
  • Warmth for your feet
  • Cost-effective comfort
  • Adds style to your kitchen

Adding bright and bold designs creates no focal points in your kitchen. Choose a low-pile rug that is machine-washable. Do not allow yourself to be limited to rugs only being in bedrooms and living rooms!

Vivid Cabinets

Who says you have to stick to all white, neutral, or cherrywood cabinets? The new trend features bright and bold cabinets of all sorts of colors. From calming sages to airy aquas, let your cabinets be your canvas.

The kitchen is the heart of the home…so what color speaks to you the most? Create a kitchen with popping cabinets that brighten up your day and keep this space your favorite room in the house. Be daring with it!

Kitchen Seating

You do not have to stick with traditional bar stools. Have fun with your kitchen seating! Some of the most popular trends in seating opt for kitchen or bar stools of varying styles and colors. Interchange several different colors and styles to create even more curb appeal.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to spruce up your kitchen on a budget, changing out your kitchen seating is a great way to do it. Bold, unique designs are the most effective in giving your kitchen a quick facelift.

Go Dark

Have you seen the new dark kitchen trend? Opting for a dark, dramatic kitchen with lighter accessories is all the rage. Choose a dark navy or black for your cabinets and walls.

Add in touches of lighter colors to make the dark truly pop. You can also add organic elements to add to the mystery and coziness of your new dark and dramatic kitchen. Don’t forget you can choose dark colors for your countertops, ceiling, floor, or darken the entire kitchen!

Embrace Nature

If a dark kitchen is not your thing, how about a lighter kitchen featuring nature tones? Committing to colorful cabinets and floors may not speak to you. Plus, if you are someone who often changes your mind, it may not be the best route for you to go.

Nature tones feature beautiful green, cream, and blue tones. These colors offer peace and serenity in a room that is typically high traffic—the perfect balance. Add in touches of organic elements such as plants, fresh flowers, and natural countertops to make a bold statement.

Bring On the Texture

Adding texture to the kitchen can give an even more bold look to an already exciting space. Opt for wooden elements to provide a welcoming warmth to the room. Shiplap is now one of the most popular texture elements on the market today.

Bamboo and other organic elements can truly spruce up the space well beyond the paint, floors, and appliances. Rattan touches and other boho, earthy essentials create an inviting place that speaks volumes to you and your guests.

Go Beyond Paint

To add the oomph a bold kitchen needs, bring your eyes to the floor. Exquisite and bold-patterned tiles may be all your kitchen truly needs. You can choose from a selection of large-format porcelain tiles in dark and smokey hues to liven up the kitchen space.

Match the bold kitchen tiles to your kitchen accents such as the drawer and cupboard handles. Want to make an even bolder statement to go with the floor? Add a rangehood and additional accessories that bring it all together.

Statement Backsplash

One of the most impactful ways to make a bold statement is—your backsplash! You have the choice of different colors, patterns, materials, and more. Your backsplash is a functional work of art.

Instead of choosing one solid color and pattern, try implementing multiple patterns. For example, a pale gray subway tile matched with thinner strips of metallic gray implemented throughout. A great tip: Choose a bold, colorful backsplash that immediately draws the eye to its uniqueness!

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a bold kitchen that gets the town talking, take our advice and spruce it up with our proven kitchen tips of the pros. You can easily embody the warmth your kitchen needs by adding bold, fun colors, tiles, textures, paint, and accessories.

Renovating kitchens not only adds to its appeal—it adds to the value of your home. So go crazy with creating the bold kitchen of your dreams!

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