This past spring, Ron helped me purchase a property in Lower Pacific Heights. I was particularly thankful to have Ron by my side during the bidding process – he calmly walked me through all the decisions I had to make after I’d decided on the amount to bid. He was detail-oriented and answered all my questions thoroughly, explaining the pros and cons of each decision. He also encouraged me to write a thoughtful note to the then-current owners. In the end, even though there were 5 other bids, I hadn’t gone way over the other bids and with an all-cash offer on the table from another bidder, the owners accepted mine with no back and forth – In this tight market, I was very happy with the outcome to say the least, and I have Ron to thank for this. Even if my bid hadn’t been accepted, I would have been very pleased to continue to work with Ron. Ron is a very communicative and dedicated agent and I would recommend him to anyone interested in buying property in the SF Bay Area.

A V.